Gerald Murero

Kenyan Director

Gerald Murero is a passionate silver tour guide. Working closely with the Maasai community educating them on the importance of wildlife conservation, human wildlife conflict as well as developing ongoing programs addressing the needs of our local communities in the Masai Mara region.

Linda VanderMarliere


In 2013 Linda VanderMarliere made her first trip to Kenya to visit a friend. The wildlife, landscape and Maasai people won her heart but saw there was a serious need for wildlife conservation education. Making several trips in 2014 researching where to plant community roots she decided on the town of Ngoswani in the Masai Mara region where there was a great need for community support. In January 2015 KW&C was officially formed, it’s quickly grew into something larger than she could have dreamed. Her background in the medical field and business has helped connect her with volunteers and partners from around the globe.

Sallie Robbins-Druian

American Director

Joining us with friendship and an immediate interest in Linda’s new love for Kenya, Sallie became involved in supporting one of Linda’s first funding projects when we were building critically needed school desks. In 2015 she began the first of many journeys to the community where KW&C now continues to build itself to serve and educate the community and its children. Sallie brings a passionate dedication to projects and along with Linda, a particular vision of growth. A published writer, she contributes to human wildlife conflict awareness to the global public and supports the goals of young women and girls.

Anna Porter

One of 4 sisters, Anna grew up in a small town outside Boston Massachusetts. With a passion for travel, she hit the road after college spending a year in both Colorado and Los Angeles and finally settled in San Francisco.  In 2012, Anna met Troy, who she would marry 4 years later. Most recently Anna and Troy have moved to London. Around this time is when Anna was invited to volunteer at the KW&C in November 2017. After spending a life-changing 2 weeks in Kenya with Linda and Gerald, Anna was inspired and determined to do what she could to help the local community of Ngoswani. After learning that many children in the community were financially unable to attend school, she teamed up with the KW&C and started a formal fundraising effort, SponsorwithMe, to help the children of Ngoswani get an education. The program has successfully placed over 50 children in school who otherwise would not be able to attend.

Nick Murero, Augustine Murero, Gerald Murero, Enock Meikuaya & Titmet Kereto

Our team is always ready to support and protect!